The spoke adaptors clamp solidly and quickly to the handwheel and can turn in both directions, with or without a rising stem. It is available in two versions – one that adapts to flat or slightly tapered (< 30°) handwheels; a second for tapered handwheels (> 30°).

The adaptor has a strong hold on the handwheel and also fixes firmly to the actuator, providing complete safety during  manoeuvres, even in difficult positions.

These adaptors save a significant amount of time and money as there’s no need to buy and install a drive plate for each handwheel.

These adaptors should be used for flat or slightly tapered handwheels (spokes at an angle < 30° in relation to the wheel’s plane).

A choice of four models are available according to the number of spokes in the handwheel you want to turn and the maximum diameter of the rising stem.

These adaptors can be used with a straight or right angle actuator using the KTA001 interface (for the FSA) and KTA002 (for the FSB), and with a banjo head in conjunction with the TTA001 interface (for FSA) and TTA002 interface (for FSB).