Modec Kit Box

For regular professional use, the modec kit box is a metal case that can hold all the equipment necessary for various operations (actuators, adaptors, torque management systems, batteries, chargers, FRL unit, air feed pipes etc). With the kit box, you can transport all the equipment to the work site without difficulty and get started quickly and simply.

The Kit box can be positioned vertically or horizontally and comes with 2×3 wheels so it can be easily moved around, even up and down stairs. The interior has compartments so the  different parts can be stored easily and efficiently, and, more importantly, can be put together quickly.

In the case of a pneumatic actuator, for example, it can hold the FRL unit and an air feed pipe on a reel. Once again, the modec kit box can be modified to order and adapted to your needs.

To maintain optimum performance and durability, your pneumatic portable actuator needs to be stored in the right conditions.

We have two types of box for storing and transporting actuators and their accessories.

As well as providing protection, these boxes are also ideal for transporting all the equipment to sites and minimising the risk of misplacing any parts.