H²0 Water Kit

The modec H²0 kit Intended for use with subterranean valves in the water industry, with ease and safety in mind. Accessories created, designed, and manufactured specifically for your water system are included in this kit.
The MC89 Portable Valves Actuator is the lightest and most portable of them all, but it also has the highest torque (900 Nm). This makes it the ideal tool with excellent autonomy for any kind of valve, indoor or outdoor. It can be used continuously for up to an hour thanks to its two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. Use the main power connection kit for even more intensive use; it plugs into the actuator similarly to a battery and offers infinite autonomy.
Finally, Modec focuses its expertise on safety, our H²0 kit also includes two torque management systems to protect operators in all conditions and environments. Everything is housed in a sturdy, transportable case that will protect your equipment.

Portable Valve Actuator MC89

Compact and Lightweight
Maximum torque: 850Nm
Maximum speed : 450rpm
Autonomy: 20/25 mins continuously per battery integrated electronic torque limiter speed controller

Foot Held Articulated BA012

Reaction arm, adjustable height
Maximum torque: 350Nm
Does not required a special attachment point

Reaction Arm BR001

strap attached to the end of the bar and to a fixed point in the working environment
Maximum torque: 1000 Nm

Telescopic Valve Key

Telescopic fountain key, adjustable size
Maximum torque: 1000 Nm
Length: 0.6m to 0.9m

Extension for Telescopic Valve Key

Maximum torque: 1000 nm
Length: 0.5m

2 Batteries & 1 Charger

Voltage: 18v DC & 220-240V AC
Capacity: 5.20Ah
Chargig time: 45min


Allow you to check at a glance that everything is there.
Weight of the complete kit: less than 25kg

1 socket of your choice

Socket to connect extension to nut on top of valve (choose your size)