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About Us​

Valves are mechanically operated devices and they are essential fittings being installed on a process or network piping. Valves are important and they are used to control, open, close or partially obstruct the flow and pressure of fluid in a pipeline.
However, oftentimes there are fatigued valves being stuck and difficult to operate due to being idle or not being used for a period of time. Some big valves require more rotation and this results in longer time to turn the valve. A few inevitable ones may be oriented in difficult area which could be a challenge to access, causing inconvenience to the valve operators in general.
Therefore, all you need is Portable Valve Actuator (PVA). This solution will solve your problems as stated in situations stated above.

Our Mission

At MY Makmur Engineering, we have established a set of values to accomplish our mission to excel in everything we do:
Customer Satisfaction
We continuously strive to meet the changing needs and trends of our customers by having the passion and courage to react in the world of changing technologies.
Achievement & Commitment
Our team members are always committed by delivering
professionalism to ensure excellence in accomplishing our tasks.
Our assurance to our valued customers is to create and deliver the best quality, value added services and technologies.
The team members of diversity of race, ideas and culture always practice open and honest spirit in achieving the high standard of ethics, honesty and integrity towards the customers.